Things You Need to Know About Burners

Wood burners are very common, however, there are certain things about these house warming devices that you should know, which you will find out by reading this article.

The first thing you should know is whether you live in a smoke regulated area or not. Be aware of all the local rules and regulations of your area to avoid any issues later on. If your area is smoke regulated then be sure to buy a burner that is approved by DEFRA or use fuels that are smokeless. Click here to learn more details.

Keeping your burner clean is very important in order to prevent any contaminations from accumulating. Not only it will increase the working efficiency of your burner it will also increase its life. When you clean your burner the performance will also increase, it is strongly recommended to at least clean your burner once a year. This will ensure that there are not any blockages in your burner and will also prevent soot from building up.

Also if the output of your burner is higher than 5 kW than you need a proper ventilation system, although with an output below 5 kW there is no need for it. Make sure that you know the details of your burner before you buy it.

When you buy a wood burner you need wood, as simple as that. However, people usually tend to buy cheaper wood, that saves you money, however, it is cheap for a reason. Cheaper woods have a high moisture content and everyone knows that the drier the wood the better it is to be used as fuel. So be sure to invest your money in drier wood. With a wood burner, you can get an optimum amount of output.

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