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Steps to Install a Garbage Disposal

Whether it’s a broken old garbage disposal that’s causing you to upgrade, or you’re installing garbage disposal for the first time, the process is very easy and straightforward as long as you don’t miss a major step mentioned in this guide.

You’ll need proper tools, a garbage disposal that fits your plumbing, some spare time and these instructions before starting out.

Choose The Right Garbage Disposal

There is a wide variety of disposals available both online and in the stores. Choose a garbage disposal that doesn’t many a considerable noise, however, these models might be a bit expensive.

There are two types of disposals namely batch feed disposals and continuous feed disposals. Most if the house holds with children prefer batch feed disposals due to the security features they have for the children. Choosing the power of the motor usually depends on the amount of food waste your house produces.

Keep in mind that there are separate disposals for septic tank based plumbing systems.

Gather All The Relevant Equipment

If you’re going to take this as a DIY project, as most of the homeowners do, then you’ll need to gather these equipment to do the job perfectly.

  • An Electrical Cord
  • A Screwdriver
  • A Disposer Wrench
  • A Hacksaw
  • Plumber’s Putty

Cut The Power

If you already have a garbage disposal installed and are trying to replace it, then you’ll have to completely cut it’s power first. Better cut the wire to make sure no one accidentally turns it on again.

Remove All The Attachments

Most of the homeowners have other things like hose, waste line, and other mounting assembly attached to the disposal. So, before you actually remove the garbage disposal, you’ll have to detach all the attachments and then remove the old garbage disposal.

Mount The New One

After following all the above mentioned steps and removing the old disposal, you can now redo all the steps mentioned above to install the new device.

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