Smokey Hollow Waterfall

The Smokey Hollow Waterfall is a famous tourist spot, which has been given several different names from the visitors who loved the beautiful location. This area is gaining more and more popularity because of how it does not change even with the amount of tourists visiting it. This is mainly because of the local board of tourism, who are taking care of the location by preserving its natural beauty.

This waterfall is easy to access, which is why so many people can visit it and there is also a viewing deck from where tourists can enjoy the sight. The Smokey Hollow Waterfall is located in Hamilton ON, short for Ontario.

Other than accessibility, this location has a lot of space for park, so no one as to waste time in looking for a parking spot, even if a lot of people are there. A designated parking area has been made in Mill Street, which is a few meters away from the where the location is.

When visiting the waterfall, visitors get to enjoy hiking as well. The Smokey Hollow Waterfall is on a hill of sorts, so you have to hike for about 3.5km. The hike is on some part of the Bruce Trail. Some areas of the trail are steeper than others, but are not that dangerous. The trail leads to a steep hill, which takes you from a forest to the upper region of the Niagara Escarpment.

Another perk of visiting the Smokey Hollow Waterfall is that there are our locations near it, so you can visit them as well. The Rock Chapel Golf Centre in located near Highway 6 and other than this, there is the Water down Village Farmers’ Market.  You can also enjoy a good meal close to the waterfall from the restaurants that have been opened for tourists.

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