Say Nothing: A Brief Review

The book “Say Nothing” was written by Patrick Radden Keefe, the title has relevance shown in the first chapter of the book. The book is based on a true story, on the events that took place in Northern Ireland. In the book, a character named Jean McConville was abducted from her home and no one raised their voice or said anything at all. Although the book was not completely focused on the kidnapping and murder of McConville, it was just the center of any distressing events. Basically, it shows a picture of the conflicts that lead to bloodshed to sects, the conflict was between Catholics and Protestants. These events took place from the late 1960s to 1988.

The books show all sides of the story by digging deep into the lives of many people. It also shows the many complexities that people faced due to this conflict. The author put up the people on the spotlight who others might think a thousand times before doing so. In his novel, he shed light on characters such as Gerry Adams and the British Chief Army Intelligence Officer Frank Kitson, who was given the title of Butcher of Belfast.

The readers and walk through the real-life events, where they can literally see the corridors of the prison of Long Kesh, where there were hunger strikes and people died. He also takes the readers to the Boston College Library where the book that held clues to what might happen to McConville were archived. He also portrays the Irish culture which is rich in martyrdom and repression.

The main haunting of the book is the disappearance of McConville in front of the whole neighborhood who said nothing, although the main focus of the book is on two females, Dolours and Marian Price. Both were sisters and belonged to a militant IRA family. The girls grew up listening to whatever their father told them, and according to the author they were given lectures on how to mix up makeshift explosives. This eventually leads to them joining the Provisional IRA where they were involved in countless acts such as robbing banks, planting explosives, leading people who were suspected of being informants to their deaths. They both made a reputation for themselves as fearless and were known as femme fatale.

The book shows how the actions and decisions that were made as teenagers end up having deathly consequences. Basically, it is telling the readers whatever goes around comes back around to haunt you. The story is an agonizing one that tells how harsh reality is.

The book consists of a variety of different aspects, it includes history, biography, and also politics. Although the story was not mainly focused on the abduction of McConville, it was centered around it at the same time. He showed the world how a mother of 10 young children was abducted, disappeared, and murdered and in the end, the mystery was never solved.

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