Open Spaces: The New Trend

If you look into the world of interior designing and current trends, you will notice that open spaces and minimalist designs are all the rage. A few years ago, big furniture, and chunky designs and cluttered spaces were considered to be trendy, and while trends will keep changing with time, the open space concept is still gaining momentum, and becoming a global phenomenon.

Open spaces and minimal setups originated in Japan and have now spread throughout every continent, and everyone is trying their own version of it. So, if you are interested in getting an open space interior design as well, then you should start looking for an interior designer to help make that possible. For starters, you can look towards the experts at Marshall Erb Design and check their portfolio.

Open spaces and minimal designs involve keeping as much unnecessary clutter away as possible. This means reducing trinkets and different Knick knacks, and eliminating them if necessary. This also means going for more neutral tones, and avoiding buying chunky and intricately designed furniture or decoration pieces. Open spaces are also about reducing the number of walls in your interior, and this is why open kitchens that are connected to the living area are becoming very popular. This results in the entire living space looking bigger and gives off a very elegant and polished feeling. While you do save money because you do not have to shop for as many things, you will still have to invest in a lot of money when you are buying your furniture pieces and sets because the sleek design usually involves more expensive wood, and this means you will have to pay extra money, but if you think of it as an investment, then there is a lot of payoff in the long run.

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