Mud Jacking or Replacement? Which One is Better?

Still unsure if mud jacking is for you or if you should opt for the traditional methods like the replacement of concrete slabs?

Let go of your worries as we present a few reasons why professionals in the industry prefer mud jacking over other methods. Here’s the list:

Easy And Simple Process

Mud Jacking is a simple yet effective process when it comes to a comparison between traditional and contemporary ways. Rather than replacing the concrete, an activity which takes quite a lot of time, this process is time-saving. Replacing the concrete slabs also requires breaking, removing, and replacing the blocks, hence the extra labor. While mud jacking only takes a few hours to make your concrete look as good as new.


Something that’s effective yet affordable? Mud Jacking is easy on the pocket as compared to replacing the whole concrete block which requires a hefty amount.

Immediate Use

You might be well aware of the hassles and problems a newly replaced concrete can possess and you know how frown-worthy they are. It can cause a significant delay in your daily routine because it requires at least a month to be properly available for use.

Mud jacking, on the other hand, allows quick access to the area after a shift of 24 to 48 hours of work.

No Weather Restrictions

Do you reside in a city where rain pours down quite often? No problem! Mud Jacking to the rescue. While other approaches require clear weather, Mud jacking doesn’t have such limitations. It can be done in any weather.

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