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Motherboard And Its Main Functions

Motherboard is a large PCB fitted with different sockets to connect everything in your computer, provide them with energy and provide you with the final output.

Since the motherboard is the main board of your PC, consign it is one of the trickiest steps to go through when choosing the right parts for your computer.

Here are some basic things about motherboards, and what functions they perform to make your computer work properly.

It is The Central Part

Motherboard is the central part of your computer, and this is the main function it performs. For example, the motherboard connects every component of your computer like RAM, CPU, GPU and others. Therefore, it is named “Motherboard” since it is also responsible for giving energy to these parts and receiving an output in return.

It Has All The Slots

The motherboard of your computer also has lots of expansion slots available which you can use when upgrading your computer down the line.

These expansion slots can also be used to attach other components with your computer to get different outputs.

It Acts as The Main Powerline

Since the motherboard is directly connected to the power supply unit, it provides every other component of your computer with a moderate amount of energy to help it perform its tasks perfectly.

Let’s Every Part Work Together

As we mentioned earlier, the motherboard connects every part of your computer together, and helps them work in coordination to provide you with different outputs. For example, every output has to go through the CPU before it gets displayed on your monitor, and this is done through the motherboard as well.

These were some of the most basic functions a motherboard performs in your computer. Depending on your needs, you can get differently sized motherboards.

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