Make Your Mascara Last Longer

It’s common sense that most cosmetic products expire after some time. Even if you store them properly, the oils they’re made up of will go rancid at some point and separate from the rest of the ingredients. There might even be a foul smell that will tell you that it’s time to throw your cosmetic products away and replace them with new ones. However, there are certain make up items that are less obvious and you may keep using them past their expiration date even though you really shouldn’t – your mascara is one of them.

Mascara doesn’t smell bad or give you any sign that you should stop using it but you should still really be paranoid about it; does mascara expire? Yes, it does. But it can actually go bad before its expiry date. Your eyelashes, pretty as they are, are supposed to catch bacteria and other air borne contaminants from getting into your eyes. The mascara brush collects some of these each time you apply your mascara. This contamination will build up in your mascara tube over time and can affect your eyes.

You should definitely stop sharing your mascara. Think about it, you’re getting bacteria from someone else’s eyes, into your own – gross! Think of it like your toothbrush. This way, you can minimise contamination and use your mascara for much longer as well. You can keep the contamination build up at an even lower level by washing your face before you apply it. Cleaning the applicator is a good idea as well – it’ll get rid of eye gunk and at the same time, it’ll apply a lot better as well. Use soap to clean your mascara applicator if you can and make sure to dry it thoroughly.

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