Kratom: A Possible Opioid Alternative

Weed has been legalized in America and Canada for medical use, and even for recreational use throughout Canada and certain states in the U.S as well. Now, after weed, another “herb” is beginning to make the rounds in the market, and this herb is known as kratom. It has its origins in South East Asia and has been used in different parts of the region primarily for pain relief and other remedies as well.

Given its rate of approval amongst users, it is now becoming available in different parts of the world, and if you happen to be interested in giving it a go yourself, then you can check out kratom canada shop and see if they supply near your location.

Kratom is derived from a certain green plant, and it is available in a number of different forms. Some people use the leaves to brew tea, while others smoke the leaves, and in case of powdered kratom, it is usually put in food and consumed.

Kratom is classified as a stimulant by the DEA, and its status is still under scrutiny because like all stimulants, it carries the risk of dependency, dosage concerns, and other side effects as well. Kratom is used for a number of different purposes, but pain relief is the most common reason for its use. Apart from that, it is also used to help people relax and elevate their mood, which explains why a lot of people are now marketing it as a possible miracle drug for dealing with anxiety, depression and other possible mood disorders. However, there is still not scientific backing behind these claims, and you will find that the amount of research on the effects of kratom is still scarce, so only time will determine whether or not it is a safer alternative.

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