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How Long to Let The Deck Dry After Pressure Washing?

How long to let the deck dry after pressure washing? Now this is a frequently asked question and I have seen many general answers to this question online but none of these answers have convinced me, as someone who knows how to pressure wash and stain a deck I know the exact amount of time it takes for a deck to dry but that is specific to the deck that I have, for you it the amount of time that you should let a deck dry could be very different because it depends on a number of factors, so when you are looking for answers regarding the time that you need to wait before you can stain a deck after pressure washing you should first get the answers for the following set of question,

  1. What type of wood is the deck made of? Wooden decks are made of different types of wood and some absorb more water than others, so the drying time of each wood is different, know what type of wood is used and ask the expert about the specific amount of drying time it requires.
  2. What sort of weather conditions are we talking about? If it is summer time and the temperature soars during the day then it would help the wood dry much quickly and it would reduce the amount of time that you need to wait before you can stain a deck after a pressure wash.
  3. Is the deck completely exposed to direct sunlight? If there is no shade over the deck and you have left it exposed to direct sunlight then you would witness quick drying.

Pressure washing Lewisville by a team of experts have helped me get the answers but I was aware of the type of wood my deck was made of and you should do the same.

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