Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be really annoying. Only those who have fallen victim to them can understand how irritating they can be. This is because they find home in your beds and places you find comfortable. They find confinement in these places as they’re supposed to be in close proximity to their hosts. They feed on the blood of warm blooded animals to survive and that’s why they find their comfortable homes in beds, couches and such places. This is why your beds get infested with bugs and you experience bites here and there on your skin.

How to Know If You Have Bed Bugs in Your House?

If you get irritated in your sleep and experience frequent bites on your skin. You might also wake up to blood stains on your bed sheet. These are signs of a bed bug visit. The bites are painless and that’s why you can’t experience any stimulus when they bite and feed. But the bite becomes visible till the morning. If you don’t have mosquitos or other bugs in your house because these bugs can be seen flying around and you’ll know if they are in your house or not, then it’s probably bed bugs.

How to Know If It is a Bed Bug Bite?

A bed bug bite is redder and itchier than a mosquito bite so you’ll know it’s not a mosquito. Moreover, you’d know if there are any mosquitos as you can see them flying around but bed bugs are hidden under your comfortable spaces. They feed on any inactive human beings and that could be anywhere from your own bed to a taxi and even a movie theater. After feeding they go back to confinement and that’s why you need professional bed bug exterminator Raleigh.

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