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Different Types of Banners

Using advertisement banners to convey your marketing message to an audience of potential future customers is essential for the growth and success of any business or organization these days. Although digital advertisement has truly become mainstream, one cannot deny the impact of a powerful signboard near a busy highway which is commuted by thousand on a daily basis or near a famous food court that receives hundreds if not thousands of customers every day. There are two types of banner signs that are mostly used these days that are vinyl and flex signs. Which one is better than the other? It’s not a straight forward answer as both have their pros and cons. It all depends on the customer and the budget they have to work with.

As the name most probably suggests, flex banners are more ‘flexible’. The material used in these banners is very stretchy and therefore it could be used to find many different structural shapes and sizes. There are specific printers that are of industrial quality which can print on flex material. Usually, flex banner is colored using these special printers that operate similar to other ink-jet printing machines. There are many online retailers who have banners shipped nationwide for all types of advertising requirements. The industrial printers that can print flex banners are specifically designed to handle flex material that is not usable in regular conventional press printers.

For someone who is unaware, flex and vinyl printing looks and feels very similar, despite the vast differences between both types. Although for someone who is not into the printing business on a regular basis, the differences would be quite subtle. There are many different uses of flex material once the print is transferred on it. For instance, they could be used on clothing like T-Shirts or jackets, or they could be used on various signboards.

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