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Consider These Points When Buying Snake Proof Boots

No matter where you go to enjoy your quality time outdoors, it is very important that you wear some sort safety equipment to keep yourself safe outdoors. For activities like hiking, wearing snake proof boots is your best bet too keep yourself safe from unexpected snake bites.

Here are some points that you should consider before buying snake boots.

Good Coverage

Snakes are always hiding in different places, and they can climb and bite the upper part of your leg as well. That is why it is important to buy a pair of snake boots that provides you with good coverage. Longer boots means more coverage and more protection from snakes.

If you do not like overly long boots, you can choose mid-calf long boots.

Impenetrable Material

Snake boots can keep you safe from the hardest of snake bites thanks to the hard and impenetrable material used in their production. It always pays to know about the materials used in your snake boots, as different type of materials have different properties.

Materials like synthetic weave, leather, denim and others are very popular. However, there are boots which use a combination of two or more of these materials.

Type of Closure

The type of closure used on your snake boots also matters a lot. You should avoid the boots that use zippers to close. Zippers usually break easily, and they can expose your feet to snake attacks. For the best protection, you should try slip on snake boots. They hardly have any holes in the bottom part.


You might not consider this feature in your new snake proof boots when buying them, but it is one feature that you should never overlook.

Breathability allows for better airflow in the hiking snake boots, which keeps you safe from over sweating.

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