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Can You Wear Shoes on a Carpet After Cleaning It?

Shoes have been around for so long that we often take them for granted, but suffice it to say that we would not have been able to form societies that are as advanced as they are right now had we not invented footwear to keep our bodies from being harmed. It might seem strange to think about this, but there was a time really long ago when shoes were a novel concept. They are obviously really prominent these days, so much so that almost no member of modern society would want to walk around without having some footwear that can give them some spring in their step.

A lot of people also like wearing shoes inside of their homes because of the fact that it creates a consistent outfit that they don’t need to keep changing time and time again. However, you should be careful about wearing shoes after you get carpet cleaning near me done. Carpets can get somewhat damp and moist when you clean them with a hot water extractor or a steam cleaning device, and wearing shoes while walking on them can be harmful if they are still wet due to the reason that these shoes have a lot of microorganisms on them.

These microbes love a damp environment, so walking on your still wet carpet with shoes is liable to create massive colonies of bacteria that would give off a smell akin to rotting flesh or worse. You should be absolutely certain that your carpet is completely dry before walking on it with shoes, and even walking barefoot is not a good idea unless you have washed your feet thoroughly beforehand.

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